Replace a valve without taking the system out of service. A patented insert valve delivers value, reliability and performance second to none.


Installs under pressure, eliminating the need for line shut downs in the event of planned or emergency valve cut-ins.

Designed for a wide range of line sizes and types, the Insert Valve’s ductile iron EPDM coated gate seats on the valve body, not the pipe bottom. This unique and advantageous feature eliminates the possibility of the gate/plug/seat from coming into contact with the cut pipe edges, as is the case with older technology.

TEAM InsertValve can be repaired under pressure.

Piping system owners have the option of purchasing a turnkey installation system for self-performed installations or use one of our contractor service providers to make the installation. Either of these options results in a valve that meets or exceeds recognized industry requirements and complies with all health and safety regulations.

TEAM has achieved numerous industry firsts and maintains our position at the forefront of technology and best practices.

Multiple Installation Options



Patented InsertValve, specialty fittings


Water and sewer industries. TEAM designs, develops and manufactures a time-tested hot tap and line stop equipment inventory. We currently offer 4- to 12-inch Insert Valves, and are in the process of developing 16-inch valves. All TEAM fittings and equipment can be paired with TEAM’s integrated hot tap and line intervention services.


TEAM’s InsertValve meets or exceeds most recognized industry standards, along with local health and safety regulations.

Let us help you find the perfect solution to your equipment needs.