Our Team


Key Team Members: Tom Lewis



Company founder, Tom Lewis’s 40+ years of industrial sales experience have taught him that even the best quality tool is only as valuable as the operator’s ability to use it properly. This led him to develop a strong consultative stance in his approach to providing equipment to water, sewer and gas industry professionals.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas in Business Administration, Tom has an extensive track record of providing seminar-based product training for the products Lewis Municipal Sales represents. He has designed and delivered comprehensive product training in conjunction with the American Water Works Association and Rural Water Associations of West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

Key Team Members: Scott Lewis


Training & Technical Support

Tom’s nephew, Scott Lewis, joined the firm in 2014, after twelve years in the Information Technology field. With the growing prevalence of computerized control systems in the waterworks industry, Tom saw the wisdom of bringing in an inhouse technology expert. Scott was excited to follow his uncle in succession to carry on the family business with integrity and dedication to service before and after the sale.

Scott brings his in-depth knowledge of computer technology to assisting customers in understanding the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of tools and equipment offered. He currently focuses on training customers in the use of line locating and leak detection products, and assists in their purchase decisions involving valve exercising equipment. All of these products now incorporate complex electronic controls.

Contact Tom or Scott to discuss your equipment needs.